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The REX is an advanced, full-size model for yoyo competitions. It combines the ideal materials for a bi-metal design. It's made of a titanium body and stainless steel rims to ensure a unique weight distribution that is unlike any other yoyo. It goes without saying that the REX spins with incredible power and stability, aside from playing even lighter than expected.


  • Model REX
    Diameter (mm) 57.00
    Width (mm) 43.30 
    Gap Width (mm) 4.50 
    Weight (g) 65.8

    Titanium Body with

    Stainless Steel Rim

    Bearing NSK Concave Bearing
    Response Clear standard 19mm
    Axle M4 x 6 mm
    Bearing Size 6.350*12.700*4.762mm
    Style 1A, 3A, 5A
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