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Our Advantages

1. With persistence for 13 years, we have founded the most professional teams of design, coding, manufacture and service, and comprehensive supporting system.

2.Processing capability: we have owned 16 professional numerically-controlled machine lathes, 2 CNC manufacturing centers, 2 laser engraving machines, 2  anodizing supporting factories.The product type includes Aluminum YOYO, Titanium YOYO, Magnesium YOYO, Stainless steel YOYO, CNC PC YOYO and injection molded YOYO.

3. Talent reservation: we have owned professional teams of design, coding, quality control, manufacture and sales and after-sales team with a total of more than 100 people, which provide customers with a full range of supporting services in the process of design, manufacture, quality control and service.

4. Quality Assurance: It has passed the strict inspection of SGS, and complies with the American ASTM inspection standards and the ASTM inspection certificate and CPC children's report certificate required for sales on foreign trade platforms such as Amazon.


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MAGICYOYO®  is a professional YOYO factory integrating design, manufacture and sales. Founded in 2010, it has a history of 13 years so far.

MAGICYOYO® has registered its trademark in the following countries: China, the United States, Japan, Korea, EU(27 countries), the United Kingdom, Australia.

MAGICYOYO® has actively participated in the sponsorship of YOYO events of all levels around the world for 13 years, with a total of more than 500 events.

MAGICYOYO® has team members from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil and other countries in the world, constantly representing the brand in competitions and achieving excellent results.Our international team members will try their best to provide the most powerful help for brand promotion and dealer sales promotion.


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