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Premium Plastic PC Yoyo:MAGICYOYO new professional unresponsive yoyo H01 uses platic PC material and adopts the technique of numerical control machining, which greatly improves the exquisiteness of craftsmanship compared with injection moulding process. Moreover, Yoyo H01 has a long and stable spin time, which can reach the level of single metal yo yo.

Professional Unresponsive Yoyo:Yoyo H01 is a professional unresponsive yo-yo with stainless steel 10 ball concave bearing, so it requires you to use a yoyo trick called "bind" to help you get yo-yo back in your hands!

Perfect DNA Yoyo: Professional unresponsive H01 yoyo is very suitable for DNA tricks, and the feel of the yoyo fits the palm of the hand very well,making it easier for beginners to learn yoyo tricks. Furthermore, the design of aluminum alloy CNC on the side of the sphere can reduce the friction when you do finger spin tricks, and the grooves can also make your finger spin longer and more stable.

Packge Included: 1 x Unresponsive yoyo (H01) + 1x replacement responsive yoyo bearing + 12 yoyo strings + 1 removal tool+ 1 Axle ( M4*8mm)+ 1 x Mini Allen key + 1 yo-yo bag(storage all yoyo accessories)


Premium Plastic PC Yoyo H01

PriceFrom $30.99
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