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  • 2023 New fade colorway CRYSTAL release !!!!
  • Each CRYSTAL comes with extra gifts - 1pcs x M4*10mm axle, 1pcs x wide bearing, 10pcs x strings, 1pcs x glove,1pcs x yoyo pouch,1pcs bearing removal.


  • The CRYSTAL is a cost effective high-performance injection molded ball bearing yo-yo. it is suitable as an every day throw for a beginner or for a high-performance competitor.
  • The CRYSTAL features finger spin cups for advanced level finger spin tricks and it can be played responsive for beginners, or unresponsive for the more advanced players by simply changing the bearing! (it comes with two interchangeable ball bearings)
  • The CRYSTAL was designed with an extra wide catch zone for: easy string hits, catches, and manipulations. It sports a heavy-duty, heavy rim weighted design for extra long spin times and superior durability!

New Fade CRYSTAL (K2 Plus)

  • Model # Fade color K2 PLUS
    Diameter (mm) 55.5
    Width      (mm) 43
    Gap Width (mm)


    Weight (g) 65
    Body  PC

    Slim bearing for responsive

    (Extra 1 pcs 8 ball wide bearing

    for unresponsive )

    Response Silicon Pad, Slim 19mm

    M4 x 8mm for responsive

    (Extra M4x10mm for unrepsonsive)

    Surface  Shinny Surface

    2A (slim bearing)   

    1A, 3A, 5A (wide bearing)

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