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🎁【PACKAGE INCLUDEDEACH MAGICYOYO V11 comes with extra gifts- 12 x replacement yoyo strings  + 1 x slim responsive bearing + 1 x bearing tool + 1 x yoyo storage case + 1 x yoyo glove + 1 axle puller&1 axle 4*8mm

🎁FINGER SPIN YOYO FOR PROS & BEGINNERS: With unique top finger hole, dual purpose yoyo V11 is designed for both seasoned yo-yo enthusiasts and beginners, enabling the performance of accurate and easy finger spinning tricks effortlessly. Not only does it promote proper hand positioning and foster improved coordination and dexterity, but its finger spin dimple also enhances spin times, making even basic yoyo tricks achievable and striking for beginners and kids.

🎁BALANCED & STABLE METAL YOYO - Pofessional yoyo V11 made from high-quality Aluminium Alloy material and with plastic figner dimple, The V11 model is a pro yoyo designed by yoyo professionals for intermediate and advanced yoyo players. The alloy yoyo gives it a sturdy and durable feel that can handle complex tricks, making it a reliable professional yoyo.

🎁DUAL PURPOSE YOYO: Professional Yoyo V11 is meticulously designed for yo yo enthusiasts, ensuring a smooth performance and excellent spin time. What sets it apart from other yoyos is its seamless ability to switch between two bearings. With the included axle puller, users can easily interchange the responsive and unresponsive yoyo bearings based on their skill level and preference. This feature ensures that the pro yo-yo V11 can adapt and grow alongside your advancing yoyoing abilities.

🎁SWITCH TO RESPONSIVE YOYO - This yo yo for adults and kids comes with 12 yoyo strings, 1 bearing tool, 1 axle puller, 1 axle & responsive bearing, can play responsive or non-responsive yoyo tricks with a simple change of axle and bearing! Durable square yoyo case, perfect gift V11 yoyo for kids 8-12 who are looking to learn and progress! And makes beginner tricks like winding the string, basic throw and catch, sleeper and walk the dog easy and consistent to perform.


  • Model #


    Diameter (mm) 55
    Width (mm) 50
    Gap Width (mm)


    Weight (g) 65.1
    Body  6061 Aluminum 
    Bearing 10 Ball Stainless Steel KK  Bearing
    Response Silicon Pad, Slim 19mm
    Axle  M4 x 8 mm for slim bearing & M4 x 10 for KK bearing
    Surface  The front of the yo-yo has a gloss finish, and the back features a smooth sandblasted finish.
    Style 1A, 3A, 5A  【Unresponsive and Responsive Yoyo】
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