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  • MAGICYOYO V6 Locus,which is a responsive yoyo.
  • Aluminum Alloy High Speed Professional Responsive yoyo,Excellent yoyo for beginners,Super easy to Use
  • Made of top-quality 6061 aluminium, Metal yoyos,Durable,it is a good overall yo yo for a beginner and intermediate player
  • The standard slim responsive bearing,Stable and balanced high speed routines
  • PACKAGE included - 1 x Yoyo V6, Gifts come with extra 10pcs string,1pcs glove,1pcs yoyo sack.


PriceFrom $12.00
  • Model # V6-Locus
    Diameter (mm) 55
    Width    (mm) 39
    Gap Width (mm)


    Weight (g) 66
    Body  Aluminum Alloy 6061
    Bearing 8ball flat bearing (size 6.35*12.7*3.175mm) 
    Response Yellow Silicon Pad, Slim 19mm
    Axle M4*8mm Stainless 
    Surface  Sand blasting finish
    Style 1A, 3A, 5A





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