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🎁【PACKAGE INCLUDEDEACH MAGICYOYO V10 comes with extra gifts- 12 x replacement yoyo string  + 1 x yoyo glove + 1 x yoyo storage case

🎁【PROFESSIONAL FINGER SPIN YOYO】MAGICYOYO V10 is designed with a elegant shape, a wider profile, and a better finger spin cup, which makes it great for doing yo-yo tricks such as the “Finger Spin”. It is perfect yoyo for the beginner looking for their first metal yo-yo or anyone looking to get their hands on a high performance finger spin tricks.

🎁【PREMIUM SURFACE】Made from top-quality aluminium alloy by CNC lathe precision manufacturing. It is stable and balanced high-speed routines. The super smooth sand blast surface never fades and is not easy to scratch. Allows you to experiment with many new yoyo tricks and styles.

🎁【UNRESPONSIVE BIND RETURN YOYO】V10 is equipped with stainless steel KK bearing - you have to do a trick called a bind to get it to return to hand. We recommended learn more yoyo skills on YouTube, which you can search "how to return yoyo". It is a great flagship entry-level unresponsive yo-yo for those Intermediate and Advance players who want something a litter sturdier than plastic with style string yoyo tricks (1A, 3A, 5A).

🎁【INTRESTING YOYO TOYS FOR KIDS】 Yoyo helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and keep them away from mobile phones and online games. Premium V10 with super pretty gradient color, which is a perfect Christmas gift yoyo for kids, families, friends, etc. Come with extra 12 Yoyo stings + Yo-yo storage bag + glove

MAGICYOYO V10 Finger Spin Yoyo (Newly)

PriceFrom $17.99
  • Model #


    Diameter (mm) 56
    Width (mm) 44
    Gap Width (mm)


    Weight (g) 65.6
    Body  6061 Aluminum 
    Bearing 10 Ball Stainless Steel KK  Bearing
    Response Yelow Silicon Pad, Slim 19mm
    Axle M4 x 8 mm
    Surface  Best Matt Blasted finish 
    Style 1A, 3A, 5A  【Unresponsive Yoyo】
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