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  • The Aurora is, without doubt, the current king of all light-up yo-yo's, period. As of writting this, it is the newest Magicyoyo product, making the design mainstream, and technology up to date.
  • It is made up of a 6061 aluminum body, 2 chip-boards and poly-carbonate caps for the sides. A big problem for light-up yo-yo's in the past was vibe, caused by the chip-boards and uneven weight distribution, yet the Aurora has strongly reduced vibe.
  • The package includes free 1 pcs Allen hex and 4 pcs replaceable batteries(for the lights). The Allen hex key to remove the cap. Use the Allen key to go through the threads inside the yo-yo and push on the plastic cap from the inside, sliding it out of place.
  • The Aurora comes in 5 different yoyo colors,and for the solid LED color - each yoyo has a unique LED color to match,for the changling LED color -the lights change in a gradient,alternating between Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.
  • Disclaimer: The Aurora comes with a thick ball-bearing, meaning it's unresponsive. Unresponsive yo-yo's require a trick called a bind, to wind up.
  • Gifts come with 10x replacement yoyo strings, 1 x black glove,1 x yoyo sack.


PriceFrom $25.00
  • Model AURORA-Y02
    Diameter (mm)


    Width (mm)


    Gap Width (mm)


    Weight (g)

    65g  (includes 4 pcs batteries)

    Body  6061 Aluminum
    Bearing CenterTrac Bearing
    Response Clear Silicon Pad, Slim 19mm
    Axle M4 x 10 mm
    Surface  Sand blast outside/Shinny insdie ( Except Silver all sand blast)
    Style 1A, 3A, 5A
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