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  • Gifts come with 10x replacement yoyo strings, 1 x black glove,1 x yoyo pouch.
  • The magicyoyo D2 is a small beginner yoyo.
  • It's not flashy or slick, but it performs, in it's price range, and competes with others.
  • If you're looking for a overall better experience, look at the N-series yo-yo's.
  • Nonetheless it's a good starter and introduction to the yo-yo world.


  • Model # D2-OneThird
    Diameter (mm) 56.5mm
    Width (mm) 42.4
    Gap Width (mm) 5
    Weight (g) 54
    Body  ABS
    Surface Shinny
    Bearing Slim bearing ( 6.35*12.7*3.175mm)
    Response Responsive 
    Axle M4 x 20mm
    Style 1A-5A
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