• Double Match D3 come with extra 20pcs strings and 2 glove and 2 yoyo pouch. (Please Note the D3 color you want for match before you check out)
  • If order  1pcs D3 only comes with extra 10pcs strings and 1 glove without pouch.
  • D3-DAWN is the latest version of injection molding products after MAGICYOYO-D1/D2 of MAGICYOYO in 2020.As we all know, 2A practice consumes a lot of yoyos, and many novice players also start from the 2A recyclable yo-yo, so D3 is named the starting point. MAGICYOYO is committed to allowing global players to buy better quality at the best price for practice and compete with the 2A Yo-Yo.

  • D3 has gone through several improved proofing stages from the design brewing in 2019, combined with market demand, and overcome many problems. D3 adopts the latest rotary locking technology.

  • The nut rotates with the sphere to a certain extent to reduce the damage to the sphere caused by over-tightening, greatly reducing the risk of bursting the ball of the traditional nut, and greatly improving the affinity between the player and D3.

  • We hope that this new product of D3 can open and take you into a brand new Yo-Yo gate, and bring you a different 2A Yo-Yo hands-on experience.




PriceFrom $12.00