• Off String Yoyo -High performence 4A yoyo
  • Changeable Spacer and Excellent Hub Design and Long time Spin
  • The increased density delivers greater momentum and increased challenge 
  • PACKAGE included - 1 x Yoyo T1, 2x metal Changeable metal Spacer
  • Gifts come with 10x replacement yoyo strings, 1 x black glove


  • Model # T1- Captain
    Diameter (mm) 58.8
    Width (mm) 78.9
    Gap Width (mm)


    Weight (g) 81.5
    Body  POM 
    Bearing Slim flat bearing
    Response Silicon Pad, Slim 19mm
    Axle M4*10mm Stainless Steel
    Spacer Changeable metal Spacer
    Style 4A